Learn to Ride Like a Shark

Have you always wanted to learn how to wakeboard but didn’t know where to start? Or are you a seasoned wakeboarder looking to up your game and try a new trick? Whatever your need, we have the instructor and lesson package for you!

Lesson Types

Any child under ten years old is required to complete and pass our mandatory safety course before he/she is allowed to participate in the cable wakeboarding activity on their own at Shark Wake Park.

  • Cost: $65
  • Duration: (1) Hour
  • Structure: Private Lesson, One Instructor

Description: Required for children 10 and under (first timers only). The child receives individual one-on-one safety instruction with hands on and side-by-side learning. The child must demonstrate adequate comprehension and application of the safety rules as well as the ability to safely navigate the wakeboarding cable. If the child demonstrates he or she is confident and able to safely navigate the wakeboarding cable on their own, he or she will 'pass' the mandatory safety class and receive a complimentary two-hour cable pass.

This option is available to participants of all ages and skill levels.

  • Cost: $89
  • Duration: (1) Hour
  • Structure: Private Lesson, One Instructor

Description: Our private lesson is also one-hour in duration, with one-on-one instruction and personalized coaching. These lessons can serve a variety of functions - from first timers who want specialized coaching to learn the basics, to knowledgeable riders who are looking to progress and learn a new trick or skill.

General Info
Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled lesson.
Please complete SWP activity waiver before arrival.
Children under 10 years old must complete the Mandatory Safety Lesson before enrolling in other Lesson Options.