Eat. Sleep. Ride. Repeat.

For all of our die-hard wakeboarders, we now offer a variety of membership options to fit any budget and need. All memberships provide unlimited access to both the advanced and beginner cables during operating hours. For more information call (843) 399-9253 or email

  • $750 before tax, must be paid in full
  • April 24-September 26
  • 10% off Pro Shop Items (only valid for one time purchase of wakeboard setup)
  • $250 Enrollment Fee (May) + $250/mo for two months (June/July)
  • Automatic billing/reoccurring payments (same date each month)
  • 10% off pro shop items (only valid for one time purchase of wakeboard setup)
  • $300
  • Valid 30 days from date of purchase
  • Non transferrable, begins date of purchase
Memberships do NOT include:
  • Rental equipment
  • Obstacle Island activity
  • Entry/admission to childcare programs (camps, etc.)
  • Special events, competitions, etc.
  • Lessons